2009.11.16 - lightboxnyc announces hostile takeover bid of the wither studio
lightboxnyc took its increased $16.7 billion bid for the wither studio, the highly sought after digital media conglomerate, directly to shareholders on Monday after the wither.org board rejected the original offer as too low. The board quickly agreed to accept the proposal and all digital assets were acquired immediately.

2009.09.09 - TurboSquid Policy Change

I guess it should not be a surprise, but the largest manufacturer of 3d models online - TurboSquid - decided that its compensation of 50% of sales from author's model was no longer enough and they are now recouping 60% of the fee of author content (Disgusting when you consider how we authors do all the hard content work for them). Highly unfair, and unrealistic this applies even to people who have sold tens of thousands of models for them. Therefore, I have no choice but to soon raise the prices on my models to earn a reasonable amount from their sales. I realize this increases their wealth as well, but as of now, I have no choice. I encourage you to look into purchasing your models from a fair company (The 3D Studio) until they recant. Please, if you are in the community, additionally direct your feelings to them at support@turbosquid.com. Link through the wither.org 'purchase' section that directs you to the lower cost models and buy responsibly.

2009.04.28 - 100 models

Another landmark. It's been a while coming, but we've finally surpassed a hundred models for sale direct online. Now how to figure out how to sell more....

2009.03.29 - motion becomes photography

It's been just shy of a year since we've launched the site, and we've done nothing motion related. Haven't really thought of doing anything motion related. So today, motion becomes phototography. And sometime soon we'll edit together a portfolio. There's a new D90 in house so we should be able to update this frequently. Check back for updates.

2009.03.14 - LEED AP

Well, I achieved LEED Accreditation today. I'm not sure if it was boredom or a shameless love of standardized computer testing in an antiseptic monitored environment, but now I am equal to restoring a Brownfield.

2008.11.29 - 1K Mark

We've been selling models on TurboSquid for some time - 4 years to be exact. I think that I maybe sold 7 or 8 in the first year and a handful more in the second. But the last two years have been much more solid for sales with frequent updates, an expansive library and consistent accuracy (where else can you buy a butterfly stool at 3am?). I'm proud to say that today we finally sold our 1,000th model on the site after only 4 months of being named one of the site's top sellers. It's been a tremendous effort to get there, but it's terribly important for such a small operation.

And if you've never seen what we sell you can view the collection here.

2008.07.1 - It's Official

After a year and a half of studying & testing I finally got word this week that I indeed passed my final architectural licensing exam and am officially licensed to practice in the State of New York. With the nine tests over, be looking out for more updates and renderings to litter the site. I have to go out and buy a seal.

And if you'd like to see the official document.

2008.05.16 - Site Launched

After debating for years, silly nonsensical updates, blank screens, static images, maps of new york and wilting plants, an idea finally struck. After weeks of late night coding with xhtml, css, & some amazing javascript apps, endless design changes, running it through validators, redesigning it for IE, and sleepless nights - it all came together. I'll refer to it as low-tech chic in a world where flash rules and object movement, page shifts & tweening are the norm. Maybe this will be refreshing.

Watch for updates in the coming weeks while the style sheets get ironed out and images are added.

The pages are setup as templates, and content will be added/changed frequently so check back often to see what's under development.

And if you see any errors or want to let us know what you think, please drop us a note.