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The new iPhone.
Introducing the new Apple iPhone developed as part of a design competetion for ilounge.com. Building on the revolutionary software, we sought to design a phone that could make better use of it. The result? A more stylish slimmer phone with a glossy high-resolution screen wrapped in an aluminum case ready to go with you. Every detail has been reexamined. First, locate the camera on the back. Instead of being positioned off to the side it is now cleverly located behind the apple logo. This allows for the lens to be larger resulting in a clearer picture - and you’ll barely notice it’s there. Now share all your photos directly with another phone or computer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The home button (now a touch surface) is positioned on the side for easy reach by the thumb, which allows for easy one-handed operation. The volume is still positioned on the side, however instead of tactile buttons, it is now a touchpad slider, allowing for a smooth change in decibels. Headset jack is flush mounted on the top for use with all earphones and the sleep/wake button is adjacent. Viewable on the main face are two high output speakers allowing for stereo playback of movies and videos now purchasable through iTunes 8. Use the new incredibly fast 3G data network to access the Wi-Fi iTunes store anywhere.

Turning the phone around shows the details now hidden on the base. The iPod dock connector is centered for syncing with the supplied dock. Instead of docking though, why not use the faster built in Wi-Fi to sync photos, music, and videos? On the left is positioned the ringer switch, keeping it out of view during normal operation. On the right is the shell release. By depressing the button, it allows the user to cleverly remove the aluminum case. Now view your collection of movies and videos with amazing clarity on the truly brilliant 16:9 LED BLU widescreen. Or enjoy the extra space to use with your favorite applications.

Elegantly constructed of polycarbonate and encased in machined aluminum (either anodized or gloss-coated) with a glass surface. The new case makes the iPhone far tougher allowing for thin edges. And somehow we still found room to place 32 gigabytes of storage inside. With the iPhone, details make all the difference. Pressing the bottom release, the interior slides out of the side of the aluminum shell smoothly, allowing access to the battery & SIM card. That’s not where the improvements end - we’ve also increased the battery life. Just when you thought the iPhone had everything, we’ve found room to add even more.

The new iPhone. Now available in black, white, & aluminum.

View final submission here. iLost.